Do you send money to your family in the Philippines? I do too, and I found the best way to send money home. With Remitly, I can send fast, easy and secure. Remitly offers the lowest remittance fee compare to Western Union, Xoom, and other remittance company around the globe.

They have a flat rate of $3.99 for a quick transfer within seconds to a minute or if it is not urgent and the transfer can wait for 3 days you can send it for FREE. They also have hundreds of convenient pick up locations to choose from such as Cebuana Lhuiller, MLhuiller, Globe G-Cash, BPI, BDO, MetroBank, and many more or transfer it to a bank account.

With the money you send your family can receive more as they offer the highest exchange rate.

I switched from Western Union to Remitly and I am highly satisfied with their quick service and the high exchange rate. They also accept prepaid debit cards. You can track your transactions from start to finish as they send you emails, so you don’t have to track it manually. You will be notified when your money is ready for pick up and when your recipient received the money you sent.

So if you want great value for your money and you want your family in the Philippines to be happy try Remitly and see for yourself.