Medical Exam at St. Lukes Extension Clinic, Manila is a first come first served basis. Although, not required but recommended to register online for a faster registration process at the receiving area in St. Lukes Extension Clinic, Manila.

You can register by going here.

St. Lukes opens at 6 am, but the line starts as early as 4 am or even earlier. Get your payment ready in Philippine Peso currency as they will not accept payment in dollar currency.

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Day 1 flowchart

Source: St. Lukes Extension Clinic

My Medical Exam Experience back in February 2015

Documents I brought

  • Valid passport
  • 2 Photocopies of passport biographic page
  • 2 Printed copies of NVC Letter with the case number ( my petitioner scanned the NVC Letter and send it to my email )
  • 2 Printed copies of USEM Interview appointment confirmation page
  • 4 pcs recent 2×2 photo ( I wrote my name and visa type I am applying for on the back of each photo )
  • 2 Printed copies of my online registration confirmation page

Others: Pen

Day 1

I left Imus Cavite at 3:30 am and arrived St. Lukes Manila at 4:30 am. The Jeepney driver was driving too fast and it was still dark so I couldn’t read the signs. I passed two blocks from where I’m supposed to go down, so I ended up walking back where St. Lukes is located. I was so scared because I have a big amount of money in my purse and Manila is notorious for robbery and snatching. It was early in the morning and there are only a few people in the street. So, I was walking and running while looking at my back to check if someone is following me. I felt relieved when I reached St. Lukes and nothing happened or maybe I was just paranoid, lol. But it is better to be vigilant than to be a victim. Anyway, when I reached SLECS there was already a long line. The security guard opened the door at 5:30 am and started to let us in. He checked if I have complete documents. He gave me a number and stamped my right hand. He will not let you in if you are missing a document, but don’t fret because there is xerox machine copier and photo service just across the street.

Inside the building, there’s an attendant that calls number by a batch of 10’s to fall in line for submission of form and documents. It is cold inside good thing I wore a jacket.

Step 1: Submission of PDS form at the Reception area for data encoding, digital picture-taking, and fingerprinting.

I gave all my documents to the person at the registration counter. He just took one copy of each document and gave me back the rest. He asked me some personal information, had my fingerprinted and took a digital picture of me. He stamped my passport, handed it back to me with a checklist and told me to go to 5th floor to pay.

Step 2: Payment

I gave the checklist and passport to the cashier and paid P11, 025. She attached the checklist to the receipt, gave it to me, and was told to proceed to the 3rd floor.

Step 3: Radiology

I gave my receipt and checklist at the counter. The attendant gave me a form to fill out and told me to write the last day of my period on top of the form. I gave it back to her and told me to wait. I’ve waited for about 20 mins until a nurse finally called my name. In the x-ray area, there are two rooms. The first room is the dressing room where I had to put on an x-ray gown (if you have long hair you have to tie it up – so make sure to bring a hair tie). I’ve waited for my turn in a small hallway just outside the dressing room and the nurse called me after 10 minutes and went inside the x-ray room. When the x-ray was done she told me to go to the 4th floor for blood extraction.

Step 4: Laboratory

There were chairs lining up outside the room so you can sit down while waiting for your turn. The nurses are pretty organized so it was just a quick blood draw, it’s a little painful though. After this step, I was instructed to proceed to the 5th floor for a physical exam.

Step 5: U.S.A Counter

This is the busiest floor in the building. The wait time here could take up to 30 – 45 minutes. I handed my checklist at the counter and was told to wait. I guess, my name was called after 45 minutes. The lady checked my vital signs and took my height and weight before I entered the room. Inside the room, I was asked some questions such as if I wear glasses or not and so on. Then I had my Snellen chart test and was instructed to go to room F after the test. And still, there was a wait time, I was 4th in line.

Inside the room I was interviewed by a lady Physician, she asked me questions about past health issues, medical history, if I smoke, used drugs and so on. After the interview, she told me to take all my clothes off and put on a lab gown and lie down on the examination bed. Then she checked all my body parts ( face, neck, breast, groin, skin, and oh yes the private parts ).😦 After the physical exam, she wrote something on my checklist ( it said follow-up ), she gave it to me and told me to hand it over to the person at U.S.A. counter. The lady at the counter looked at me and said wait for my name to be called. I’ve waited again for another 20 minutes before my name was called and instructed to go to room N.

It was another interview and the lady Doctor checked my breathing using a stethoscope. She asked me the same question as in the first room that I’ve been ( I felt so nervous, thankfully, I didn’t have to do the physical exam again ). It was just quick checkup and was instructed to go to 2nd floor.

Step 6: Immunization interview

Another long wait, though it was faster than wait time on the 5th floor. The nurse asked if I have allergies from medicine if I already had chicken pox, etc. She said I’m going to have 2 vaccines. It was just a quick interview. Again, she handed me my checklist and told me to give it to the counter just outside the room.

Step 7: Checkout

There was no attendant at the counter, so I just put my checklist on top of the counter like everybody did and sat down. When finally someone came out from the room took all the receipts, then went back in again. The person who took our receipt came back out and started calling out names. When it was my turn he detached the checklist from the receipt. He wrote something on the back of the receipt ( schedule for the next day ) gave it to me and said I’m good to go.

I was done by 10:30 am and it took me 4 and a half hours inside the clinic. The nurses and staffs are very organized, it is just the wait time that you have to deal with. The wait time is longer than the exams you’d have to take. So you better bring a lot of patience with you when you have your medical exam, lol.

Note: Steps from 3-6 are in random order.

DAY 2 

My schedule is 8:30 am, I arrived 1 hour early and the security guard let me in. I gave him the receipt, he checked something on the computer and stamped my receipt. Since the other night, I was praying so hard and hoping that I would get immunization stamp on my receipt. My heart was pounding so hard that I couldn’t hear anything but my heartbeat. And bam, he stamped for sputum and told me to go to 2nd floor. My hand was shaking while taking my receipt from the guard. I felt so upset and frustrated. I gave my receipt at the counter and the lady told me to wait. She called me and two other women. She said they saw something on our x-ray and we have to undergo sputum test. She instructed us what to do and gave us back our receipt and a schedule for a 3-day sputum test.


I asked the nurse who gave me the result if I could repeat my x-ray and she said I cannot. There is nothing that I could do but to follow the procedure. I told myself that I should be ready since I had past issues with my x-ray. I’m not a smoker. I never had TB or was exposed to it either. There is a white spot in my lungs that is visible in my x-ray, so every time I had my x-ray done I was suggested to take another test and the result is normal. However, I still couldn’t help but get upset and feel miserable.

Thank you for reading my medical experience. I hope this will help you give an idea of what to expect on the day of the medical exam at St. Lukes. I wish you all to have a smooth process. Good luck!

My Sputum Exam Experience