Paying the visa fee is the first step in the k1 visa process. After gaining your case number through mail or by phone you can already pay the visa fee. You may pay online if you have an account of either BPI or Bancnet or pay with cash at BPI branch. If you plan on paying with cash you must print the deposit slip that is available only at website before going to the bank and take it with you at any BPI Branches near you.


I printed two copies of Deposit Slip – $265 MRV fee in case I lose one. Although fees are listed in U.S. dollars, payment must be made using local currencies. The exact fee that is listed on the deposit slip depends on the current exchange rate at the time of your visa application. I brought my passport with me if ever they ask for identification but they did not. I handed the deposit slip to the teller and gave her the exact payment in Philippine currency listed on the slip. She handed me back the customer’s copy with the printed transaction info at the back and that serves as my official receipt. So make sure to keep your receipt in a safe place, because it cannot be replaced if it is lost. Pay on or before the expiration date on the slip. If you are unable to pay the Visa before the date expires you need to generate a new slip by going back to ustraveldocs website. Wait for four to eight hours before scheduling an interview.