If you frequently check your status online you will soon get notified that your petition has been approved and the next thing you have to do is wait for the NOA2. Your Notice of Action should arrive in 5-10 days after your status had changed. In my case we didn’t check the status online, so it was a surprise when he received the approval notice in mail. Our NOA2 arrived 3 weeks after the RFE was sent and got approved in 4 months from sending the petition.

After receiving the NOA2 the waiting game is not over yet, you have to wait for the NVC letter next. USCIS will send the approved petition to the National Visa Center (NVC), then they will forward it to the embassy or consulate where the beneficiary has to apply for the k1 visa. The NVC will notify the petitioner when it is time for the beneficiary to apply for the visa.

It is important to wait for the NVC letter before you start the visa process. On the letter from the NVC you will find the information record of your case number. If you’re feeling impatient you may call NVC at 1-800-375-5283 and ask for your case number. Once you obtain your case number you can now start the process of your Visa application without waiting for the embassy letter. The first step of the visa application process is paying at BPI. After payment wait for 4 hours before scheduling an appointment for medical exam and interview. Please note that it would take 2-4 weeks for the approved petition from the NVC to arrive at US Embassy, so make sure that you will have it before your interview because it is needed. Some started setting an appointment regardless they haven’t got the embassy letter yet.

Although I already paid the k1 visa after we received the NVC Letter, I still decided to wait for the approved petition to arrive in USEM before I started setting an appointment to make sure. I live in Cavite so I have to travel to Baclaran every week to call USEM because it will cost a lot if I’m going to make a call from Cavite to Manila. It took 1 month until they confirmed that they received the approved petition from NVC and I finally scheduled my appointment in February 2015 which was 2 months from our approval.

The application process is different from each of us, some took just 2 months while others take 8 to 1 year. The process depends on the number of application they are processing ahead of you. When we are anxiously waiting for something everyday seems like forever. You might want to make yourself busy and enjoy the time with your family, because once your petition is approved everything will be faster and you never know it is already time for you to leave.