During the initial review of your petition, USCIS begins the background checks of the petitioner. A request of evidence is made when application is lacking evidence to establish an applicant’s eligibility for the petition. The request will indicate what evidence or information is needed to fully evaluate the application.

Getting an RFE after sending form I-129F can be frustrating. After long months of waiting and hoping that your petition to get approve fast and not hearing from USCIS you will just going to get an RFE. That sucks! Right? On the other hand, we should be happy because we finally knew that they are actually reviewing our petition. Getting an RFE doesn’t mean that we have a chance of getting denied, it is actually more chances for our petition to get approve and they just want that missing information before they can decide. We just have to wait additional weeks or months to get approve though. Once you received an RFE don’t get upset instead, follow the instruction in the notice carefully and send it back in a timely manner and as soon as possible. You will get a notice on what other evidence is needed, where to send it, and the deadline for your response.

In My case, on November 2014, 3 months after our petition was sent, my petitioner received an RFE due to lack of documents that will support his affidavit of divorce decree. In my post about filing form I-129F checklist I stated that my petitioner just sent an affidavit from his 1st marriage whereas he cannot obtain a divorce decree form since it was a long time ago. He sent another affidavit powered by attorney with more clear and precise explanation of why not having the divorce decree documents. On Dec. 8th of 2014 we received an approval notice in the mail, 3 weeks from receiving the RFE. We didn’t really expect it to get approved fast after the RFE, but it did. Just be positive and be patient, as the saying goes “Everything happens at the right time”.