So you’ve met this someone from an online dating site, chat room or other online sites? You’ve started a long distance relationship and after countless of days, months, and years of being away from each other he finally decided to come visit you in your home country. You’ve spent time enjoying each other’s presence for a couple of days or weeks and took a lot of pictures together. When it’s time for him to go back to his country, you send him off to the airport and felt melancholic. I feel you. I remembered the time when I send Lee off to the Airport, I felt so sad, he hugged me tight and told me “I’m gonna get you soon.” When he got back to the U.S., he hired an attorney to help him with the visa process (he didn’t want to get stressed), and he started collecting the documents needed. In just 3 weeks after he went back home, he’s done filing the application for fiance’ petition.

When he went to meet me in the Philippines in 2014, we’ve already decided that we’re going to file for a fiance’ visa. He brought with him the G-325A form, even though I can download it from there, he just wanted to bring it with him. So I just filled it out and signed it. A couple of days later I sent him my Letter of intent to marry and 2×2 passport type photo through UPS because I forgot to get them while he’s in PH. So if you’re planning to file for the K1 visa before you meet personally, I suggest starting to collect documents just before he visits you, so he can bring it with him when he goes back to the US, and you can start the process sooner.

My I-129 F Checklist

  • Payment of $340
  • Form I-129F
  • Form G-1145 for petitioner and beneficiary
  • G-325A and passport style photo of Petitioner
  • G-325A and passport style photo of Beneficiary
  • Birth Certificate of Petitioner
  • Dissolution of Marriage Decree from the second wife
  • Affidavit stating why did not include dissolution of Marriage Decree from 1st marriage
  • Criminal history
  • Letter certifying intent to marry by petitioner and beneficiary
  • Proof of having met in person in the past two years
  • Proof of ongoing relationship

Note: Make copies of all documents before sending them in, as they are needed for the interview at USEM. G-1145 is not necessary, only if you want to request a text message or email when USCIS accepts your form.

He couldn’t get a divorce decree from his first marriage because it was a long time ago and he doesn’t know where her ex-was now so he needed to get an affidavit explaining about it.

He got caught driving intoxicated in 2005 and that count as criminal history.

Those are the documents we submitted to USCIS. We filed for a fiance’ visa, meaning I will enter the U.S. as fiance’ of an American citizen and we must marry within 90 days of my admission. This is my personal experience on filing the fiance’ petition. You must visit website for the updated fees and required documentation. When we filed for Form I-129f we only paid $340, but the new fee is now $535.

In assembling the I-129F Packet you might want to make a cover letter, a table of contents of all the documents you included in the folder. The proof of relationship that we just sent are his airline tickets to Philippines, photos together, receipts of restaurants that we’ve been to while he’s visiting me. You can send more evidence as many as you want. That’s it, goodluck on your fiance’ petition.