Countless people have their own online dating stories, either looking for love or just looking around. People who are seeking for true love or searching for their soul mate in online dating sites are growing considerably since online dating has started. It’s clear why, as it provides you with countless source of people to meet from all over the world. Before online dating, this quest could be hopeless, but now, no matter where you are, you are just few screens away from the man of your dreams.

On the other hand, not everybody have good experience with online dating. Some had tragic and horror experiences as well. Hence, we have to be extra cautious when using online dating sites, as a lot of fake people or scammers are taking advantage of it. I’m lucky that I am one of those few people who were successful in finding their forever ever after in an online dating site.

Here’s my online dating story.

In 2012, my husband Lee and I met on Christian Filipina. He is a 48 year old, divorced single dad to a 3 year old boy, who is looking for a wife and a mother to his son. While I am 32, single and looking around. There is a wink button that you can click to let that person know you are interested with them. One day, he winked at me, I winked back at him, and we exchanged messages. At that moment we were both basic members and if you are both basic members you cannot read each other’s messages, until one of you upgraded into a paid membership. So we didn’t have the chance to get to know each other that time.

I got tired of using dating sites as I just keep on meeting scammers. I became inactive and a lot of things happened.

Two years have passed and on January 2014, I decided to open my old account in Christian Filipina once more. On March the same year, I received a notification that someone has winked at me, so I winked back. It was Lee, but we couldn’t remember each other anymore because it’s been 2 years since we first winked at each other. 2 days later, he sent me a message. He upgraded into a gold membership for 3 months so we were able to read each other’s message. We exchange emails and phone numbers. After 2 months of getting to know each other through emails, we became officially virtual bf and gf. Then, a month later, he told me that he was planning to visit the Philippines to meet me personally.

He went to the Philippines in July 2014. It was a quick 3 day visit because his son is going to start kindergarten soon. We even just had few photos together. When he went back to the US, he immediately filed for the K1 visa petition.

And that’s how it all started. Do you have an online dating story? Please share it in the comment. Thank you for reading.